Sermon 7/5/2020

Sunday 7/5/2020 Sermon


God’s Names of Splendor

Psalm 96:6


Splendor: having an imposing and majestic appearance; great brightness


Matthew 17:2 – Jesus on the mount of transfiguration


God is a God of great splendor and that truth is reflected in His names.


God’s Names of Splendor:


El Ha-Kavod: ____________

Psalm 29:3-4


Glory: to be weighty or to be a person of standing or prestige


God’s glory is visible; wealth and beauty

Psalm 50:10

Psalm 27:4


God’s glory is invisible; reputation and esteem

Psalm 7:17

Psalm 21:13


God is also _______________ – Naddir Kavod

Psalm 27:7-10


Or Olam: _______________

Isaiah 60:19

Acts 26:13-14

Psalm 119:105


El Gadol Ve-Nora: ______________

Deuteronomy 7:21


Elohey Tehillati: _____________

1 Chronicles 16:25


Human splendor is temporary and fading.

God’s splendor is eternal and never fades.


God’s splendor is based on who God is.

Our response to God’s splendor is praise.


Psalm 113:3  – Praise God All the Time

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