Sermon 6/21/2020

Sunday 6/21/2020 Sermon


God’s Names of Power

Power in Hebrew means the strength and ability to produce fruit.

Power in Greek means to produce an explosion.

God’s power is:

Him constantly working in and through us to produce fruit

A movement of God doing something dramatic & miraculous

God’s Names of Power


Rab-Koach: _____________

1 Chronicles 29:12

Psalm 68:35

Yahweh-Borey: __________

Isaiah 40:28

El Oseh-Phela: ___________________

Psalm 77:13-14

Isaiah 29:14

Matthew 19:26

Luke 1:37

Yahweh-Rophey: ___________

Exodus 15:26

El Shaddai: _____________

Genesis 17:1

Jeremiah 32:21

Revelation 4:8
God is All-Powerful
We need to live and obey and serve God as the All-Power God.

We need to trust what He says that He can do and will do.  

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