Sermon 6/14/2020

Sunday 6/14/2020 Sermon

God’s Names of Character
We describe people many times according to their character.
Character is the traits that make a person who they are.
Who God is, is seen in His names.
God is:
El Hakkadosh: ______________ – Isaiah 6:3
Rav-Chesed: _______________________ – Exodus 34:6
Rachum Ve-Chanun: _______________ – Exodus 34:6
Emet Elohim Emet: ________________ – Deuteronomy 7:9
Higdil Tushiyyah: ____________________ – Isaiah 28:29
God’s character is a perfect loving, merciful, gracious God who is also perfectly faithful and honest with complete wisdom.
I can trust that God!
There is no human being who can match that.
There is no human group or institution that can match that.
So, put your trust and your life in God’s care.

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