Sermon 2/19/2023

Sunday Sermon 2/19/2023


Finding Inner Rest

Hebrews 4:1-13


Something that is absolutely crucial in continuing in our faith and reaching the finish line is learning to rest in Jesus

In Jesus, we find every type of rest that we will ever need . . .

  1. Rest in Salvation (v. 2-3a)


  1. Rest in Satisfaction (v. 3b-4)


Exodus 20:9-11


This passage (as well as others) is where God reveals to us a very important concept that we find throughout the Bible; the “Sabbath”


Reasons for the Sabbath. . . A time to remember that . . .


God is the point of everything

God is our provider

Reflection on our Salvation


  1. Physical Rest (v. 8)


  1. Eternal Rest (v. 11)



  1. God is paying attention (v. 12-13)
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