Sermon 2/28/2021

Sunday Sermon 2/21/2021
Jesus is the Bridegroom 

Jesus is the Bridegroom

In John 3:22-30 again we read John the Baptist’s testimony about Jesus.

John 3:25: John’s disciples get into a discussion about purification.

John 3:26: John’s disciples are upset about more people going to Jesus than to John.

John 3:27: John tells them that everything comes from God.

John 3:28: John reminds them that he is not the Messiah.

Jesus is the Bridegroom: John 3:29

How We Are to Relate to Jesus as the Bridegroom

As a _______ – Revelation 21:9

With _________ – Mark 2:19-20

With Him __________and Us ___________– John 3:30

2 Corinthians 11:1-3

_____________ – Total Commitment

___________ – Jesus as Our One and Only

____________ – Adoring Him Above Anyone or Anything

How Jesus as the Bridegroom Relates to Us – Ephesians 5:25-27

_________ us with No Conditions or Boundaries

__________ Himself for Us by Dying on the Cross for Our Sins

______________ Us by Setting Us Apart for His Use Only


___________ Us with the Word of God by Speaking the Truth and the Holy Spirit Uses It to Transform Us

_________ Us full of Splendor, Without Any Spot or Wrinkle, Holy and Without Any Blemish

Jesus as the Bridegroom loves us as His bride

Jesus as the Bridegroom gave His life for us as His bride

We are to worship Him and exalt Him so that others can come to know Him  

Revelation 19:6-9 – Jesus will come for His bride

Are we ready?

Jesus the Bridegroom 

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Jesus is the Bridegroom   


Jesus is the Bridegroom 


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Sermon 2/21/2021

Sunday Sermon 2/21/2021

Jesus the Teacher 

Jesus the Teacher

Jesus was a Rabbi, a teacher

Some of the most essential things Jesus taught are found in John 3

The Context of the Teaching: John 3:1-2

Nicodemus was a Pharisee

Nicodemus came at night

Nicodemus came to Jesus

Jesus uses four illustrations to teach Nicodemus what it meant to know and follow Him

_____: John 3:3-7

1 Peter 1:23-25

Romans 6:3-4

Romans 8:9-10

Galatians 2:20

1 Peter 1:3

2 Peter 1:4

________: John 3:8-13

Ezekiel 37

____________________: John 3:14-18

__________________: John 3:19-21

Experience the new birth in Jesus by grace through truth

Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and empower you

Surrendering all of your life to Jesus as Lord

Walking daily in the light of the truth of God

Jesus the Teacher

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Jesus the Teacher   


Jesus the Teacher 


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