Sermon 4/25/2020

Sunday 4/25/2020 Sermon


God is Our Sun and Shield 

Psalm 84:10-12

God as our Sun → Favor & Honor

God as our Shield → Protection & Provision

When we trust God as our sun and shield we are blessed.

God as Our _____ Bestows Favor and Honor


Who Experiences the Grace God Bestows:

Proverbs 3:34 – When we humble ourselves before God we experience His grace

Genesis 6:5-8 & 22 – When we obey God we will experience His grace.

Genesis 39:20-23 – When we live in righteousness we will experience God’s grace.

Luke 1:28-33, 38 – When we have a willing heart we will experience God’s grace.

2 Chronicles 33:19-13 – When we repent before God we will experience God’s grace.

Daniel 1:8-14 – When we risk living by faith we will experience God’s grace.

God bestows honor.


Psalm 149:4-5

God honors His people by:

Exalting Us

Make Us His Treasured Possession

God as Our _________ Protects and Provides

God Protects:

Psalm 31:23

Psalm 34:20

Psalm 35:10

Psalm 97:10

Psalm 116:6

Psalm 145:20

God Provides:

Psalm 73:26

1 Corinthians 3:6

1 Kings 5:4

Isaiah 60:19

Psalm 65:9

1 Timothy 6:17

God is Our Sun and Shield

As our Sun He gives favor and honor

As our Shield He gives protection and provision

We experience God as our Sun and Shield when we surrender our lives to Jesus.

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