Sermon 1/8/2023

Sunday Sermon 1/8/2023




God, Our Stability

Isaiah 33:5-6

We all need and enjoy stability in our lives

No matter how hard we strive for stability, things don’t always pan out the way we plan

God’s message to us today is that He will be the stability we need through difficult times.


We face many difficult things in life . . .

We just had our lives turned upside down by a pandemic

  • Natural disasters continue to cause damage


  • Inflation has affected us all


  • Sickness, death, mental health problems. . . the list goes on and on forever . . .

All of these things can have a damaging effect on us…

  • For some, there is anxiety and fear. For others it could be depression or even some combination of both.

  • Sometimes we can get caught up in complaining

  • Sometimes we allow circumstances to steal our peace and our joy


Yet some are not disturbed by such things




Comes through salvation, wisdom, knowledge


The key to stability is the “fear of the Lord”

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