Sermon 10/3/2021

Sunday Sermon 10/3/2021


The World and the Holy Spirit


John 15:18-16:15 have two important themes


The opposition of the world against God and His people

The ministry of the Holy Spirit


We as followers of Jesus will face opposition in this world


How do we overcome it?

By the presence and power of the Holy Spirit


The world is the society that is apart from God and opposes God – 1 John 2:15-17


The World and Jesus’ Followers


The world’s view of ____________________

John 15:18-19

John 15:20

John 16:2


Why does the world view us like that?

They hated and persecuted Jesus

We are identified with Jesus


We don’t __________ to the world – Hebrews 3:1


The world’ system operates on the basis of conformity


God’s system works on the basis of transformation to newness

Romans 12: 2

2 Corinthians 5:17


The world is spiritually ignorant and blind – John 15:21 & 16:3


The world will not be honest about what is wrong – John 15:22-24 & 16:1


The World and the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit ______________ about Jesus – John 15:26-27


The Holy Spirit _________ the world – John 16:5-11

Of Sin

Of righteousness

Of Judgment


The Holy Spirit _________ the followers of Jesus into all truth – John 16:12-13


The Holy Spirit _________ Jesus – John 16:14-15


The Holy Spirit does these things by:

Speaking with the authority of God

Speaking all the things of God


The world hated and persecuted Jesus

The world hates and persecutes the followers of Jesus


The Holy Spirit:

Empowers the followers of Jesus

Confronts and convicts the world


We as followers of Jesus are to conform ourselves to the will of the Father


Are you letting the Holy Spirit conform, empower, and lead you?

The World and the Holy Spirit

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    The World and the Holy Spirit 


  The World and the Holy Spirit 


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