Sermon 11/27/2022

Sunday Sermon 11/27/2022

Choosing Peace

What do you have to worry about?

The futility of worry and fear- Matthew 6:27

The solution to worry and fear- Philippians 4:6-7

The opposite of fear, worry, or anxiety is peace

The source of peace is Jesus

John 14:27

John 16:33

John 20

Choosing peace over fear and worry

We confront our fears and name them

Psalm 3:1-2

Matthew 8:26

We remind ourselves who God is and what He can do in and through us

1 John 4:4

We set the Lord before us at all times

Psalm 16:8

We confess our fear as sin

2 Timothy 1:7

We are to fill our mouths with praise

Psalm 43:5

We claim God’s promise pf protection

Isaiah 41:10

We cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus

John 17:20-21

We fully commit our lives to Jesus

Philippians 1:21

Can Jesus free us from fear and worry? – Yes!!

We must be:

Quick to pray

Focused on Jesus’ power and sovereignty

Listening to Jesus and doing our part but trusting Him more than we trust ourselves

It all begins by believing in Jesus and surrendering our lives to Him as Savior and Lord

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