Sermon 11/15/2020

Sunday Sermon 11/15/2020

I am Forgiven


I am Forgiven


Forgiveness: to give up resentment or any claim to restitution or revenge


Jesus will forgive you if you ask.


Jesus’ Forgiveness Means:


Colossians 2:13-14


Romans 5:9


Jesus places no limits on His forgiveness – Psalm 103:11-12


Ephesians 4:25-32: Because Jesus Forgave Us It Means That We:


Verse 25: Are enabled to put way _________ and speak the _______


Verse 26a: Are enabled to be angry and not _____


Verse 26b: Are enabled to not let the ______ go down on our anger


Verse 27: Are enabled to not give the devil an ____________


Verse 28a: Are enabled not to _______ or be __________


Verse 28b: Are enabled to _____ to provide for ourselves, our families and



Verse 29a: Are enabled not to use _________ language


Verse 29b: Are enabled to use language that is _________ and _______



Verse 30: Are enabled not to ________ the Holy Spirit


Verse 31: Are enabled to put away all things that cause _________


Verse 32: Are enabled to be ______, ____________ and __________


If you have experienced Jesus’ forgiveness then you should live a life that reflects that you have been forgiven.


If you have not experienced Jesus’ forgiveness than He is wanting and waiting to forgive you.


You just have to ask.    

I am Forgiven Sermon Notes: 



I am Forgiven     


I am Forgiven  


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