Sermon 12/27/2020

Sunday Sermon 12/27/2020



Will 2021 Be a New Year?


Isaiah 43:18-19


Examples of New and Unique Ways God Used:

Moses and the Burning Bush

Paul’s Blindness

Elijah and Mount Carmel

Balaam and a Donkey

The World and Covid-19


Matthew 6:33


One Thing Questions:


Question #1: What One Thing Do You ________ from God?

Psalm 27:4







Question #2: What One Thing Do You _______?

Mark 10:21-22

Matthew 7:7-8


Question #3: What One Thing Do You Need to __________?

Philippians 3:14-15

Romans 12:1


Question #4: What One Thing Do You Need to __________?


We have the privilege to be able to trust God’s promises and ask Him for what we need.


Matthew 11:28


Mark 10:27

Galatians 6:9


John 16:33


Mark 11:24


John 15:3


Matthew 5:14


When we pray do it in faith


God’s Challenge to Us for 2021


To live a life that is:

Focused on Jesus and His kingdom

Intentionally lived in obedience to Jesus and His word

Passionately lived loving Jesus

Allowing Jesus to do a new thing in and through you


Hebrews 10:19-23


What new does Jesus want to do in you?

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