Sermon 2/6/2022

Sunday Sermon 2/6/2022


Vain Pursuit #3: Life Without God


What is the purpose of life?


Psalm 57:2


Solomon Searches for Meaning: Ecclesiastes 2:12-17

Solomon saw that somethings were better for a person in life

Solomon saw that the foolish and the wise still both died


Things that Drive People’s Lives



Moses – Exodus 3:11


____________ and ______

Saul – 1 Samuel 18:7-9



Peter – Matthew 26:75



Rich Young Ruler – Luke 18:23



The Scribes – Mark 12:38-39


Why a God-Purposed Life is Better


Knowing God God’s purpose gives __________ to life – Mark 6:34

Knowing God’s purpose ___________your life – John 7:6

Knowing God’s purpose __________ your life – John 5:19

Knowing God’s purpose ____________ your life – John 2:17


Life with no relationship with Jesus is:





Life with a relationship with Jesus is:


Full of Hope

Passion Filled

An Adventure


You have been given by God’s grace and love the choice


Which one to you choose?

Vain Pursuit #3

Life Without God



Sermon Notes: 


  Vain Pursuit #3


  Vain Pursuit #3 


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