Sermon 3/20/2022

Sunday Sermon 3/20/2022


Oppression and the Old Nature and How to Overcome Them


Oppression: unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power; a sense of being weighed down in body or mind


Oppression in the World


Old Nature – Romans 7:5


In Ecclesiastes 4:1-16 Solomon discusses oppression and the sinful things that come out of our old nature.


____________: Verses 1-3


Oppression comes from many directions


The source of all oppressions is Satan – Matthew 4:24


The Solution – Luke 4:18-19

Matthew 10:28

Philippians 4:13

1 John 3:19-20


Things that Flow from the ____________: Verses 4-16


Verses 4-8: Rivalry and Idleness

Ephesians 4:28

2 Thessalonians 3:11-12

Luke 12:20


Verses 9-12: Loneliness


Verses 13-16: Popularity and Position


John 16:33

We will face oppression in this world

We will have to overcome our old nature

Jesus has overcome everything

Jesus offers us His victory


Will you surrender your life to Jesus a Savior and Lord?

Oppression and the Old Nature and How to Overcome Them 

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