Sermon 8/29/2021

Sunday Sermon 8/29/2021


Jesus the Humble Servant


Religion or Relationship?


Romans 5:11 & 18


John 13:1-35: Five Relationships


John 13:1-5: Relationship with the Father: ___________

Matthew 5:43-44


John 13:6-1: Relationship with Peter: _________

1 Corinthians 6:11

1 John 1:9

Ephesians 5:26


John 13:12-17: Relationship with the Disciples: ______


John 13:18-33: Relationship with Judas: ___________

John 6:64


John 13:34-35: A _________________


We are commanded to love one another

We don’t have to be alike

We don’t have to agree about everything

We do have to love one another


We are commanded to wash other’s feet

Romans 12:21

What would happen if we washed our enemy’s feet?


Where is your relationship with Jesus?

Jesus the Humble Servant       

Sermon Notes: 


  Jesus the Humble Servant  


  Jesus the Humble Servant 


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